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Jacootie lights are headlights for your stroller.
These headlights keep your strollers & babies safe by illuminating and notifying oncoming traffic that you & your stroller are present, day or night. Started by a NYC dad who was looking for a safe, easy, solution to be more easily seen by cars during the early morning and evening hour walks with his daughter. His solution: The Jacootie Stroller Headlight

One evening around 7pm, I was walking with my daughter, who was in her stroller. We were patiently waiting at the corner for the light to change. When a guy in a car came rushing around the corner trying to beat the red light, narrowly missing the stroller. After being startled out of my mind, I started to think that this is a very big issue & that this has to happen to other parents as well. After researching the problem, I realized there wasn't a solution. Thus Jacootie Lights were born.

Jacootie lights are the original Stroller headlights!


"I enjoy taking in all that the city has to offer with my young baby girl.  Now with the Jacootie light, I can feel confident day or night that I can See and be seen. I have seen cars start to slow down 2 blocks away"

-Brian Nielson, Owner


      Jacootie light is a proud sponsor of the HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) & "Walk 4 Hearing".